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A short history…

Hello, welcome. How are you? Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you have found it interesting and might look to book yourself a little treat!

To give you a little background to how this all came about, we have to go back a couple of months to May 2019. I have always enjoyed skincare, beauty, makeup and spa treatment. I was making my own body scrubs 20 years ago from coffee and brown sugar! Long before it became fashionable (well, maybe). I travelled in my younger years through Thailand to Singapore, and then onwards to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. I was curious about the beauty practices of the local women and I have sought inspiration from my travels to influence my own skincare through the years. Fast forward to 2019 and I find myself going back to an old dream of mine, having my own space, my own little sanctuary to offer wonderful treatments. So, I decide to take the jump and The Garden Room was born. Why ‘The Garden Room’? Because it conjures up fabulous smells, produces wonderful natural remedies and fresh food – all things that nourish you, inside and out.

I discovered a  fantastic skincare range that holds true to my own principles. It’s organic, environmental friendly, and cruelty free; ethical in its practices. Our skin is an organ –  a living breathing element of us. An element that should be treated, cared for and nourished from within with self love, but also nourished from the outside with great products! Only the finest ingredients are used within the products and only the most relaxing techniques are used to deliver a peaceful and uplifting facial or massage.

Thank you again for dropping by. This is such an exciting journey for me. I sincerely hope you will join me at The Garden Room soon!


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